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Jason demonstrates some of the functionality and advanced features in the newest version of PortalGuard's self-service portal: PortalGuard Nebula.

All-inclusive self-service Portal

The newest version of PortalGuard Nebula focuses primarily on combining the full, secure functionality of PortalGuard, with additional convenience and reporting features.  In terms of being a self-service portal, PortalGuard Nebula provides full capabilities for enrolling multi-factor authentication methods, password reset and recovery, and single sign-on - all with little need for interaction with a 3rd party, such as the local help desk.

If you aren't able to view the video above (or simple prefer not to), Jason demonstrates the integration of each of these features into the new self-service portal layout.


They Key Takeaways are:

  • Responsive Design

Built to support viewing on a wide range of devices, from smaller mobile screens, to tablets, laptops and desktops.  Nebula was built with adaptability and customization in mind.

  • Complete self-service portal

Special emphasis on complete; Nebula comes fully stocked with Self-service Password Reset/Recovery, Single Sign-on via SAML, CAS, Shibboleth and other common industry standard protocols, and support for a total of eleven (11) different OTP Delivery methods.

  • Administrative Customization

Alongside advanced reporting features, Nebula also allows administrators to fully configure enrollment requirements based on User, Group, or other Organizational Unit - promoting security without sacrificing end-user adoption or usability.

  • PortalGuard Sidecar

Nebula also contains Sidecar integration support for organizations that do not wish to use the entire self-service portal package, but just the password reset portion alongside an existing login portal.


Take a moment to check out the video above, and watch Jason in action!  Stay tuned for more videos and updates in the future, and as always, let us know what you think about our new self-service portal direction in the comments below!

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