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MFA eBook: Analyzing the Most Secure Authentication Methods

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Whether you're an MFA pro ready to implement a security policy or authentication protocol, or a newcomer interested in learning the basics of multi-factor authentication, you've come to the right place. Our latest eBook, "Ranking Authentication Methods (And Choosing The Right One)" analyzes, explains and ranks the different methods of authentication supported by PortalGuard today.  

What's Your Authentication Method Priority? 

authentication priority


Download our MFA Rankings eBook for the full analysis, and to learn about: 

  • The main categories of authentication methods 
  • Key considerations when implementing MFA 
  • Risks of choosing the wrong MFA method 
  • Deciding what method of MFA is right for you

The Three Main Types of Authentication 

Something You Know: these authentication types require a person to remember and provide something they know, such as a password, Personal Identification Number (PIN) or security question. 

Something You Have: for these authentication systems, the user must provide evidence of their possession of a physical item, such as a hardware token, mobile phone, smart card or other token based authentication. 

Something You Are: this method is a type of biometric authentication, rooted in a piece of information inherent in the user, such as a fingerprint, palm scan or other type of biometric used as the credential.


Take The Next Step Understanding Authentication Factors with Our eBook  

Eliminating the threat of a cyberattack entirely is, unfortunately, not realistic. There are, however, resources and tools - like our MFA Rankings eBook - available that every organization can take advantage of in order to stay best protected, reduce cyber risk, and mitigate damage. It all starts with understanding your organizations' needs: do you want to optimize user experience? For example, an authentication factor like SMS OTP is highly convenient but do not actually verify user identity. Will you mandate passwordless authentication? Each authentication mechanism works differently, and it's crucial to equip yourself with the knowledge to make the right decision for your MFA and authentication process. 

Explore our MFA Rankings eBook to learn about choosing the right authentication method.

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