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PortalGuard SaaS: Welcome to the Next Generation

Here at PortalGuard, we’re always looking to the future.  Whatever the next way is for us to improve our products, our culture, ourselves, and the lives of our customers, we’re there. In one of the fastest moving and constantly evolving industries, we take pride in staying ahead of the cutting edge. We are committed to leveraging new technologies in new ways so that we can continue to meet the...

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Strengthening Authentication to Adapt to Changing Circumstances

Are you worried that your current IT projects are overly complicated, haven’t been tested sufficiently or may impact existing applications in a way that you have not considered?

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FBI Advises Businesses to Incorporate Biometric Factors

FBI Cyber Task Force Advises Businesses to Incorporate Biometric Factors to Mitigate Multi-Factor Authentication Risk

The FBI Cyber Task Force recently issued a four-page Private Industry Notice that recommends the addition of biometric factors and behavioral information checks to multi-factor authentication (MFA) approaches, citing known and exploited vulnerabilities of token and phone-based...

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