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The Perilous Quest to Lockdown the Cookie Jar

Even in 2020, many people are unaware that Google's Chrome browser is actually based on an open source project named Chromium. Chromium is an impressive amalgamation of world-class engineers and developers, a fact which has contributed to its success, which, at nearly a 60% market share, is the most popular web browser in the world.

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How PortalGuard Strengthened Security and Increased Usability for Delaware County Community College

Imagine this ... A line of students outside the helpdesk office waiting on a password reset. Or hundreds of faculty and staff attaching sticky notes with written passwords to their computer screens. Not to mention frustrating connectivity outages resulting from required database maintenance.

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Is Password Plus the Answer to Strong Cybersecurity?

The other day it hit me.  Even though many of the IT and software leaders are professing that the password is dead or that we should strive to create a passwordless infrastructure it might be impossible.  Certainly, for the near future, it seems improbable.  Why?

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Efficiency Knocks! Screen Capture & Notepad

At last, an efficient method to take notes on webpages! Scooch's screen capture and notepad feature enables students to take notes not only efficiently and neatly, but in a way that helps retention of the information.

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