Good Hygiene Counts

The pandemic has caused each of us to proceed with extra caution when it comes to hygiene safety in the workplace.  Some have asked if using fingerprint scanners are safe to use and if so, what are the best practices for ensuring users aren’t exposed to any contagious diseases?  BIO-key strategic education partner (K-12) Identimetrics recently published a white paper about this very topic.  Click...

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Let’s Talk Desktop 2FA

Desktop 2FA is a more modern take on the Two-Factor Authentication idea.  The notion is to add the level of security brought by 2FA to the end-user’s machine.  In an era where Data Breaches have become a norm, the question is no longer if data will be compromised, but when.  When credentials are captured and data is exposed, Desktop 2FA adds an additional layer of security to ensure personal...

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