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Get Support for Your Hybrid Environment from an IDaaS Solution

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While there are key benefits to moving to a cloud-based IAM solution, not all of them are created equal when it comes to their support for various applications and environments. Although the great “cloud migration” is underway, your environment is probably like many organizations – a hybrid. A mix of cloud, on-prem and even “legacy” applications are still in use. With many IDaaS solutions solely focused on the cloud, many can’t support your reality. With limited flexibility around on-premises, the wrong solution can require additional licensing, products, and coding, or in some cases can’t support certain applications at all.


Hybrid Environments are Here to Stay

Hybrid environments are created by the technology that your organization uses, as well as the dynamics of your employees, customers, and partners. Over the past year and into this one, "hybrid" is how many of you will describe your workforces today due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as many employees either work from home or in the office. These changes to how and where users are accessing applications will create a need for a more dynamic solution when it comes to security. 

With many organizations having hundreds if not thousands of applications to secure, the migration to the cloud is happening, however, migrating that many applications take time. While the impact of the pandemic caused an increase in the shift of organizations to the cloud, most are still straddling the world of having on-premises and cloud-based applications and systems to manage and secure. 


Finding a Solution to Handle Hybrid

However, the problem today is that many IAM solutions are only suited for one side or the other. Either they can support and secure on-premises solutions or they are focused on cloud-based applications and Web-based single sign-on (SSO). Many businesses are left having to integrate two separate IAM solutions into their strategy which may lead to many conflicts between the two solutions resulting in higher costs from licensing fees and overhead for the IT team.

Getting support for a hybrid environment starts with finding a solution that supports on-prem and the cloud, and can adapt to the core elements of a hybrid environment. This requires flexibility from multiple multi-factor and adaptive authentication options, SSO support beyond web-based SSO protocols, and the experience with integrating to the odd application.

The Ideal IDaaS Solution

The ideal IDaaS solution should greatly improve customer experience. A secure modern digital experience gives users the options and flexibility to make it easy to remain secure while enjoying their digital experience. Improving customer experience includes providing access to a suite of apps from multiple devices without requiring the user to manage numerous, difficult-to-remember passwords. Additionally, with one click a user can quickly reset their forgotten password using their fingerprint as their authentication method of choice. With these in mind, users can have easy access, and in the case they forget their login information, they can reset their password on their own without having to contact the Help Desk and disrupt the company workflow.
As well, an ideal IDaaS solution allows you to experience benefits that you may not have thought about. For one, a major benefit to adding an IDaaS solution for your hybrid environment is securing all access. This means that all users are secured, no matter their location, and you get to choose the unique requirements for each individual and account, meaning third-party vendors and remote workers can go through more rigorous security measures since hackers can target them easier than targeting the main headquarters.

In cases like these, hybrid environments require an IDaaS solution (Identity-as-a-Service) that provides flexible authentication options that are suited for your users.

An ideal IDaaS solution presents several objectives for your company:

  • Simplifies access management 
  • Optimizes and provides a secure, modern digital experience
  • Configures to your identity access management (IAM) strategy


An IDaaS Solution that was Born On-Prem

An IDaaS solution must configure to your IAM strategy, being flexible yet offering many authentication options and possibilities. As a solution that started on-premises over 10 years ago and has made the migration to the cloud, PortalGuard IDaaS offers full support for all environments. Including support for multiple single sign-on (SSO) protocols, PortalGuard provides a seamless experience for customers and employees to access ALL their applications.

It's Your Choice, to select a flexible IAM solution that puts you back in control. Listen to one of our virtual product demos to see how we put you back in control of your IAM strategy. You can also reach out to us if you have any questions. See It in Action.

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Author: Michael Barry