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Secure World Boston 2014: Congratulations to Adam Scaramella!

Adam Scaramella, of the Harvard Business School, was the Dash4Prizes winner at Secure World Boston 2014. Adam walked away with a new pair of LG Bluetooth head phones and wireless speakers courtesy of PortalGuard.  Secure World really adds some spice to their events by incorporating booth giveaways for the show visitors, the rules are simple and easy to follow. Each booth that participated,...

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The Benefits of Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is not a new concept, but with modern technology, employing 2FA is easier and can accommodate almost any end-user.


What exactly is 2FA? 2FA is used to increase security by requiring you to provide “something you know” (a password) and leverage “something you have” (laptop, mobile phone, hardware token).  The use of two distinct authentication factors helps...

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