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Maintaining Security and Data Privacy is one of the Biggest IT Challenges Today

Every year at the EDUCAUSE Conference the Top 10 IT Issues for the upcoming year are announced. Leading up to each conference a panel of experts ranging from IT leaders, CIO’s and faculty members present a list of the top IT trends. which are then voted on by EDUCAUSE members. The top initiatives are the most important topics and trends and will be a focus for the upcoming year. This year was...

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Single Sign-on Checklist | A Game Plan

Single sign-on continues to be a growing technology in a world of diverse identity solutions. This particular authentication solution is well known by many IT professionals as a way to achieve the right balance of security and usability for its users. Based on my experiences, I often find many IT decision-makers blinded by the novelty of single sign-on. As with any change in access to a...

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Authentication Software Deployment Checklist - What to Know



Deploying a new solution in any environment poses a certain number of challenges. These challenges can stem from determining how to best execute the deployment, to overcoming user adoption rate issues. Today I will illustrate the key components of a software deployment checklist; and also provide insight on overcoming some common hurdles faced when staring down the barrel of that...

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