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PortalGuard SaaS: Welcome to the Next Generation

Here at PortalGuard, we’re always looking to the future.  Whatever the next way is for us to improve our products, our culture, ourselves, and the lives of our customers, we’re there. In one of the fastest moving and constantly evolving industries, we take pride in staying ahead of the cutting edge. We are committed to leveraging new technologies in new ways so that we can continue to meet the...

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Prophecy Vs. Reality: Popular Cybersecurity Trends of 2019

Society loves prophecy.  Whether it’s used as a justification for acts of good or evil, or even if it’s just a matter of looking at your friend and saying “HA!  I was right!”  Correctly predicting what’s coming is a safe bet in terms of drawing interest, and it is a small wonder that even the biggest tech giants have hopped on that bandwagon.  Of course, prophecy and reality often differ, and...

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Cloud Security Challenges | Pros & Cons of Cloud Computing

Do your kids know more about the “cloud” than you do? The word gets thrown around like it’s a necessary appliance in the house - like a refrigerator or a toaster. It’s great that the kids know to store their pictures, videos and music in the “cloud”, but what does it really mean to the work force and companies? Surely, cloud computing must be good for more than just storage. What about cloud...

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Quantifying Email Total Cost of Ownership

Do you see IT infrastructure as a necessary evil? What about IT infrastructure when it comes to e-mail hosting? Did your answer between those two questions waver or change at all? As a service, email has been “business critical” for years now, making it a necessary staple to any environment. In many cases, this may lead to oversight when understanding the Total Cost of Ownership represented by...

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Maximizing The Benefits of SaaS

In my last blog post I talked in great detail about the way in which organizations need to evaluate and understand the true Total Cost of Services (TCS) when evaluating potential cloud solutions. Once you have a handle on the numbers and the potential impact to your organization's bottom line, putting together a business case for the potential benefits of SaaS becomes relatively...

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Advantages of Cloud Computing | Is it Worth it?

As we begin to dive headlong into what is the budget season for many, I thought this was a great opportunity to channel my inner finance weenie and open up a discussion about Total Cost of Services (TCS) vs. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with regards to software cost. The chances are high that your CFO and CIO have been talking in great detail about the cloud and how you can leverage both the...

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Consider This: Software as a Service

What is ‘The Cloud?’ As far as buzzwords go, this is a particularly popular one. Ever since software giants such as Google and Microsoft began illustrating just how popular web-based applications can be, more and more software companies have taken to the cloud to reach a wider audience and keep up with the expectations of their end users. Software as a service is a relatively old idea, but...

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