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Cyberattacks on Education: 87% Have Experienced at Least One

The education sector continues to face a growing complex of cybersecurity threats. While the education industry has been under high attack for several years, the forced move to remote and online learning as a response to the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020 has blown the gates off. At this point, 87% of educational institutions have experienced at least one successful cyberattack, and 36% of...

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Ask Christopher: Mitigating the Risk of Phishing Attacks with MFA


Hackers are a blight on the digital scenery where we all spend most of our time, and phishing attacks are one of the oldest tricks in the book. Whether it’s at work or home, modern technology has made the digital world all but necessary. In this environment, hackers and malicious users are the banes of each admin and end-user attempting to get things done. Amid the recent pandemic, the leaches...

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3 Ways to Help Employees Spot Phishing Attacks

From a data breach investigation of Verizon, roughly one in 10 employees will click on a malicious email.And the average phishing attack costs a mid-sized company $1.6 million.Computer phishing attacks are fraudulent processes where victims are tricked into giving away sensitive user information, potentially putting an entire company at risk.

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Where are we in leading the charge of training the next cybersecurity leaders?

Cyber Range [cy·ber I rānj] -  is a virtual environment used for cyberwarfare training and cybertechnology development. It provides tools that help strengthen the stability, security, and performance of cyber-infrastructures and IT systems used by government and military agencies, and appears on college campuses everywhere.

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New England School Districts are an Easy Target for Cyber Criminals

Schools are becoming easy targets for cyber criminals, not only in New Hampshire but across the country. Exposing, compromising and exploiting confidential information to make an easy profit or to test their skills. The Cybersecurity incident map, a useful tool created by Doug Levins of EdTech Strategies, LLC., provides an in depth look of past and recent events. (For those who haven’t...

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Combating Password Spray Attacks

Password Spraying attacks are hardly new. Fraudsters have long used these types of brute force attacks to confirm usernames and password in order to steal organizations'. All they need is the following:

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Obama Initiates BuySecure: YOU Can Help Defeat Cyber Attacks

Obama Initiates BuySecure: YOU Can Help Defeat Cyber Attackers


Attention Retailers! We need your help.


You are a small Mom&Pop shop, not a large corporation, so that makes you off the hook of possible cyber attacks, right?




Just because your company is not listed in the Fortune 500, does not mean it is suddenly immune to cyber attacks.  In fact, cyber crimes amongst small...

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