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Keeping Our Customers Happy with HappyFox

Customer support is pivotal in every vertical for a simple reason: customers keep companies alive.  Existing customers provide feedback, revenue flow, and even referral business for a given company.  This only remains true if customers are happy and cared for throughout the lifetime of the partnership. Elite and dedicated customer support drives customer relationships and enables companies to...

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Three Ways PortalGuard Is Serving Up A Competitive Advantage

There are numerous options for Identity Management and Authentication software in today's market. The wealth of information available from vendors provides ample resources for self-guided research, but it also makes it difficult to separate marketing messaging from the explicit answers you need to evaluate and make an informed decision. This post side-steps any feature/functionality checklists...

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Ask Christopher - Importance of a Test Server

Managing solutions and the various resources allocated to those solutions is a nightmare.  Tacking a test or development environment is just another hassle, right?  However, start thinking about the potential fallout from simple human error when vetting hasn’t been completed properly.  It’s easy to see the benefits to setting up those environments.

This quarter, the most common question to...

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Authentication Software Deployment Checklist - What to Know



Deploying a new solution in any environment poses a certain number of challenges. These challenges can stem from determining how to best execute the deployment, to overcoming user adoption rate issues. Today I will illustrate the key components of a software deployment checklist; and also provide insight on overcoming some common hurdles faced when staring down the barrel of that...

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Quick Single Sign on Deployment


Projects, projects and more projects. Will they ever end? Do you really want them to end? Without projects, would you be able to justify the cushy salary you bring home every payday?

Maybe just one project that doesn’t keep you awake at night and goes off without a hitch. Could it be possible or am I still dreaming? Can there be a simple project you can implement with results that will make...

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