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Encryption Methods of Yesterday and their Replacements

Encryption methods are a very important aspect of security in our increasingly digital lives; and as a precocious, Chicago-based teen once opined in a John Hughes film, “Life moves pretty fast.” This sage observation is fitting for the computer industry as well, where cryptographic algorithms come with increasingly shortened half-lives due to hackers and academics attempting to “break” them...

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3 Things to Help you Rethink Mobile Security

What’s with the whole mobile craze lately? Don’t get me wrong – I love the mobile advantage. I am that stereotypical guy who always has his cell phone within arms reach (when it isn’t in my hand, anyway). When something like the report by the Pew Research Center comes out saying that 64% of American Adults own a smart phone, I don’t find it hard to believe. What I do find difficult to accept...

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Dangers of Going All-Digital


We live in an all-digital age today; and what an amazing age it is! With a few clicks of a remote control, or a few taps of our finger, we can start watching old re-runs of the Wonder Years at home or on the train. We can pay monthly bills without risking a nasty paper cut from stuffing a check into an envelope or trudging down to the Post Office to buy more stamps. All of our yearnings for...

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