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The Future of Authentication Security - What a DDoS Attack Taught Us

The future of authentication security sounds like the beginning of some overthought seminar on protecting what is yours. It brings to mind dry, technical conversations that often have little bearing on the immediate here and now. This is the future of authentication that we are talking about, after all.

However – if we take a look at the recent DDoS attacks on Dyn that took down a huge chunk...

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CAS SSO Support – Banner, Ellucian, and Education


Throughout higher education, few names ring out so spectacularly as Ellucian.  Providing many strong applications for higher education has made Ellucian a major boon to the industry.  However, there is always one low hanging fruit: CAS SSO.  Typically, providing fully integrated SSO to Banner requires the use of the Ellucian Identity Service, or a conglomerate of separate solutions.

That is...

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Solving The Dangers of SharePoint Remote Access

SharePoint remote access is not a one-off consideration. Regardless of the platform, remote access always comes with security considerations. With SharePoint being utilized in so many different environments, it is important to understand the dangers of SharePoint remote access. In addition, knowing how to combat these risks is an important milestone.

I’ve previously talked about how to Deploy...

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How to Deploy SharePoint as an Extranet Site - Consider This

In order to deploy SharePoint as an extranet site, we need to know what extranet means. SharePoint is generally utilized as an intranet portal only available to internal employees. In this setup, SharePoint is accessed only on-premises through local system credentials. There is no access from the Internet. However, as many administrators will tell you, there are a host of benefits for...

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Form Based Authentication Implementation – SSO Alternatives

It seems like you can’t get very far without seeing some article or some website touting the benefits of Single Sign-On these days. Of course, we are in no way innocent either. There is a reason for all of the fuss, however. Simply put: SSO provides simplicity in an authentication world that can be unnecessarily confusing.   However, where do administrators turn when standard SSO is not an...

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Solving the Problem of SharePoint Account Management

Whether you realize it or not, the chances are relatively high that you have used SharePoint before. Microsoft SharePoint is a popular solution that enables organizations to create websites for various purposes. Capable of being used internally or externally, SharePoint offers a wide array of tools and capabilities for multiple types of situations. Interestingly enough despite this usability,...

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Quick Tip: The Dangers of Password Reuse

Another day, another data breach. At this point, it almost doesn’t qualify as news! Yet here we are, fresh in the wake of a data breach similar in form to the LinkedIn data dump of May 2016. Of course, I am talking about the recently acknowledged Dropbox dump. As was the case with the LinkedIn breach, the Dropbox dump references over 60 Million accounts that have appeared online recently, due...

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Office 365 Federation - The Multiple Domain Problem

Office 365 Federation can be a real pain to implement for any organization. Microsoft’s own TechNet website refers to the process as “[seeming] like more trouble than it’s worth”. Office 365 integration becomes even more difficult to manage when multiple domain federation is required, . Historically, Microsoft requires that each domain be federated using specific ‘issuer’ values. With regards...

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Improve Network Security by Addressing Typical Attack Vectors

You see that little guy up there with the shield noticeably larger than his entire body? He’s working overtime to improve network security of the environments that he’s charged to protect. Why? Because it’s his job to reduce access by various attack vectors, and he’s great at his job!

Of course, everyone wants to improve network security. That is the truth of the information age: every bit of...

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Attack Surface Reduction – Benefits of Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On gets a bad rap. Most of the apparent controversy comes from a variety of misunderstandings, as illustrated initially in my previous blog. However, one term that rarely gets mentioned alongside the Benefits of Single Sign-On is Attack Surface Reduction (ASR). Where security is a major concern, ASR is high on the priority list. In order to give SSO back some if its good standing,...

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