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2 Year Cyber Threat Outlook for Higher Education

With the education sector being a large target for cyberattacks and having to face numerous types of threats, IT teams in school districts need to be aware of current threats and the future ones that are steadily approaching. As more schools are going hybrid in the effort to combat COVID-19, many threat actors are using a variety of techniques for cyberattacks.

Here is our cybersecurity outlook...

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Securing PeopleSoft Access – Don't Leave it Out of Your IAM Strategy

Secure access needs to be given to all applications, regardless of the type of application it is and where it is located – on-premises or in the cloud. However, the larger and more critical the application is, the more complicated and challenging it can become to secure access to it.  

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Three Ways PortalGuard Is Serving Up A Competitive Advantage

There are numerous options for Identity Management and Authentication software in today's market. The wealth of information available from vendors provides ample resources for self-guided research, but it also makes it difficult to separate marketing messaging from the explicit answers you need to evaluate and make an informed decision. This post side-steps any feature/functionality checklists...

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PortalGuard SaaS: Welcome to the Next Generation

Here at PortalGuard, we’re always looking to the future.  Whatever the next way is for us to improve our products, our culture, ourselves, and the lives of our customers, we’re there. In one of the fastest moving and constantly evolving industries, we take pride in staying ahead of the cutting edge. We are committed to leveraging new technologies in new ways so that we can continue to meet the...

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Maintaining Security and Data Privacy is one of the Biggest IT Challenges Today

Every year at the EDUCAUSE Conference the Top 10 IT Issues for the upcoming year are announced. Leading up to each conference a panel of experts ranging from IT leaders, CIO’s and faculty members present a list of the top IT trends. which are then voted on by EDUCAUSE members. The top initiatives are the most important topics and trends and will be a focus for the upcoming year. This year was...

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