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Maintaining Security and Data Privacy is one of the Biggest IT Challenges Today

Every year at the EDUCAUSE Conference the Top 10 IT Issues for the upcoming year are announced. Leading up to each conference a panel of experts ranging from IT leaders, CIO’s and faculty members present a list of the top IT trends. which are then voted on by EDUCAUSE members. The top initiatives are the most important topics and trends and will be a focus for the upcoming year. This year was...

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Making Sound Decisions for IT Security in Higher Education

Sound Decisions for Higher Education IT Security

Higher education has a constant struggle with creating a secure environment for students and staff while also keeping ease of use and workflow in mind. The desire for increased higher education IT security using tools such as 2FA and password expiration policies helps guide institutions in a direction of security and usability. The struggles...

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Migrating? Merging? Solve Tough Authentication Challenges

Let’s face it. Your company has a very diverse workforce, with some staff working on different devices in different locations. Some work exclusively on the road, others remotely, at a cubicle in your office, and everything in between. With so many user scenarios, it can make your deployment of a new authentication solution that much more difficult to deploy.

Sometimes upper management and...

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Office 365, the Cloud, and PortalGuard: Is your Campus Secure?

The Cloud: An invisible place where a plethora of ideas, information, apps, and your life are stored.


With the increase of stored information in the cloud and cloud–based applications like Office 365, it is now imperative that the access security is increased as well! Office 365, the cloud, application logins: how does one protect all that information? The answer lies with a secure identity...

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The Future of Authentication: Balance Between Security and Usability

Tokens, access barriers, and multiple passwords are all ways to heighten security, but these are also a great way to kill the usability of a login. With the intense rise of hacktivists and breaches exposing organizations’ data, it is understandable that many organizations are implementing two factor methods to protect the sensitive data that is like a sitting duck, waiting to be poached.



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