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Forget the Race Against Time: Leverage the Power of Single Sign-On and a Shared Desktop

Technology overload is a growing problem for many employees. According to a report from RingCentral, employees use an average of four apps just for communication, and more than half of workers toggle between apps up to 10 times an hour.

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One Click Solutions for Convenient Account Access

The world is improving on convenience every day. Find me someone that doesn’t love being able to proceed with something with little effort or difficulty. When it comes to shopping for household staples, forget going to the store!  I just order online from Amazon.  This is the same for ordering my farm to table weekly meal delivery.  Also, I haven’t been to the dry cleaner since they started...

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Universal Logout - Where to Go After SSO

Universal logout is a hot topic today for one simple reason: it is important. Single Sign-On (SSO) has taken over in recent years as a method of reducing login strain and improving security while maintaining usability.  In an age of passwords and data breaches, SSO has always been seen as the next logical step. Now that we’ve taken that step, the question becomes: where do we go from here? The...

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