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Securing Remote User Authentication for VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) gives you online privacy and anonymity by creating a private network from a public internet connection. VPNs mask your IP (Internet Protocol) address and establish a secure and encrypted connection to provide greater privacy than even a secure Wi-Fi spot.

More importantly, as more users are working from home and expected to continue to work from home, VPNs...

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Dynamic Passwords - Enforcing Authentication

Stepping Away from the Static

Even in 2021, in a world where authentication is a large part of cybersecurity measures, the password has still become the cornerstone for accessing websites, applications, and other common logins. In the recent Raconteur publication, "Future of Authentication", they report that Username/Password is still a key identity and access management (IAM) service in 73%...

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Strengthen your Account Security with MFA

Most of us use password-based authentication every day, a form of Single-Factor Authentication, which is the process of using personal credentials to securely access a system. Did you know that 54% of consumers use 5 or fewer passwords for every single one of their accounts? This means that if a hacker were to crack one of their passwords, chances are that they've also gained access to...

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Maintaining Security and Data Privacy is one of the Biggest IT Challenges Today

Every year at the EDUCAUSE Conference the Top 10 IT Issues for the upcoming year are announced. Leading up to each conference a panel of experts ranging from IT leaders, CIO’s and faculty members present a list of the top IT trends. which are then voted on by EDUCAUSE members. The top initiatives are the most important topics and trends and will be a focus for the upcoming year. This year was...

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Top 5 Reasons to Use a Mobile Authenticator

The advent of modern authentication security places a lot of pressure on the user to remain secure in a constantly changing environment.  Using a Mobile Authenticator is one of the most simple and accessible methods to remain secure without compromising usability.  We discuss what makes a good Mobile Authenticator in our recent White Paper - The Argument for a Better Authenticator. However,...

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OTP Authentication | An Advantage in Printed OTPs

It seems that just about every other day I read about a new security breach. A new loophole being compromised, resulting in millions of individuals’ personal information being stolen and sold to the highest bidder. Part of the reason that this happens so often is because most individuals don’t bother securing or supplementing their login credentials. OTP Authentication provides an answer to...

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The Benefits of Two-Factor Authentication | Part II

In light of the lessons IT decision makers may have learned from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) breach—the largest data security rupture in U.S. government history—the time has come for taking another glance at the benefits associated with a two-factor authentication solution.

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One-time Password: Pros and Cons


Any Mission Impossible or James Bond fans out there? Just about every movie in those two franchises deals with the protection of secure data. It kind of comes with the territory. With the evolution of each film comes the evolution of ways to protect data, as well as new, ingenious methods of getting around those security methods. It’s a vicious cycle that Hollywood depicts almost perfectly:...

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Remote Password Reset is Always Possible


Inspiration can strike at any time. The fickle spark of innovation that serves as the genesis for new ideas, approaches and tactics does not occur on a set schedule. Being able to work and access corporate systems or applications when this metaphorical match is struck can be the difference between an idea catching fire or extinguishing in a puff of smoke.

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