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Common Office 365 Password Reset Issues and Resolutions

Just like with anything that requires a password, Office 365 password reset is a common issue for a wide range of industries.  Office 365 and Outlook Web App (OWA) provide email services to multitudes of end-users every day.  As you may or may not know, Office 365 is a cloud-hosted application suite provided by Microsoft, while OWA is installed and maintained on-site by local IT...

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We’ve been VerAfied! Part Two

If you have not read part one of this post, read it here.


Veracode’s Risk Adjusted Verification Methodology

The ‘VerAfied’ standards-based mark of security quality is one established by Veracode to provide a pragmatic approach to measure and compare risk levels related to application security, and is wholly designed with industry standards in...

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OWA Login Defense - Protecting against the Worsening Webmail Crisis


AMHERST, NH--(Marketwired - Jan 31, 2013)

The PortalGuard platform's layered authentication approach adds protection which is crucial in defending Outlook Web App (OWA) against attacks, an often overlooked and critically weak focal point for illegitimate access to most any corporate network, with minimal tradeoff between security and usability.

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