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6 Ways to Prevent Password Hacking | PortalGuard

Hackers are the craftiest of fish. They nibble at your account day by day, trying 2 wrong password attempts and stopping before the 3rd attempt locks your account. Then, they wait a day for you, the user, to log into your account and reset the password tries before they try to log in again. Think about how often you log into your most important accounts. Do you log in every day? Month? Less...

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You're Not as Unique as You Think You Are!

All I’d need to know to guess one of your end users’ passwords is the name of every person important to them, how frequently they use profanity, their favorite pop culture franchises, any sports teams they like, and their favorite vehicle. Where did I get this information, you ask? It’s a trend I’ve noticed on the list of top 10,000 most easily guessed passwords. More specifically, the top 200...

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Parents - The Other Type of Hacker...

It seems like every other day you hear about a new data breach or some new scam designed to steal credentials of the unsuspecting end user. With the advent of social media, it’s now easier than ever to social engineer a person’s identity for nefarious intent. With these constant barrages of attacks, there is a heavy focus in the community on executing best practices for navigating the murky...

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Quick Tip: The Dangers of Password Reuse

Another day, another data breach. At this point, it almost doesn’t qualify as news! Yet here we are, fresh in the wake of a data breach similar in form to the LinkedIn data dump of May 2016. Of course, I am talking about the recently acknowledged Dropbox dump. As was the case with the LinkedIn breach, the Dropbox dump references over 60 Million accounts that have appeared online recently, due...

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Default Passwords - Problems in Predictability

Default Passwords are not some series of enigmas that most people cannot hope to understand. In fact, many users interact with default passwords throughout their daily activities – and therein lies the problem. Whether out of habit, defiance, or plain lackadaisical negligence, users still refrain from changing default passwords. This practices introduces additional, wholly unnecessary security...

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Password Best Practices - Safety and Security Online

In my last blog article I talked about password best practices by touching on the way in which many organizations often struggle with maintaining strong password policy adherence while trying to stave off password fatigue for their end users. A flexible password policy with easy to remember requirements and long (or no) expiration time makes users happy and auditors angry, while a stringent...

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Password Expiration Policy - Best Practices

A quick Google search on password compliance will turn up any number of articles on specific regulatory requirements, best practices and industry standards. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has a 40 page offering on Password Management and Recommendations (NIST 800-18 Draft), and there are numerous regulatory guidelines for SOX, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, and CJIS with each...

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