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8 Tips for Creating a Strong Password

The reason we need to talk about having a strong password is because there are still too many people that do not have strong enough passwords. There are a few ways that someone can steal your password and make your personal information insecure. One of these methods is the use of key loggers, which are viruses that can record the keystrokes you make on your computer and thereby find out your...

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Forgotten Username? | PortalGuard v5.3 Does the Thinking for You

Everyone here at PistolStar, Inc. is proud to announce to release of our newest point upgrade for our PortalGuard product: PortalGuard 5.3! We are constantly working towards improving our product, and providing the best service in response to our customer requests.  In that light, version 5.3 has seen multiple improvements over some of our existing features (such as forgotten username...

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Password Security | Should I Write Down My Passwords?

These days, one of the biggest concerns for most people is privacy and password security. Everywhere we turn there are attempts by others to invade our privacy. Whether through official means like terms of service and app permissions or a hacker attempting to corrupt your computer - sometimes it feels like we are constantly under attack. Our one solution to these attacks on our privacy has...

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Increasing Your Budget by Reducing Help Desk Calls

When looking at ways to save money, many look to trimming the fat within the department. This can mean either reducing staff, cutting programs, or holding off on upgrading the equipment until it is absolutely needed. These options do not always give you a return on investment (ROI). However, what if there was a way to increase your department’s budget by spending a little to save a lot?


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