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Ask Christopher: Enable MFA For Password Reset

It is now November 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic is still in full swing. Pandemic culture requires everyone to spend more time at home, affording additional opportunities to take advantage of the myriad benefits found in the digital age. During this particular season, I’m talking about shopping online, of course! The increase in dependency on online activity has also led to an increase in the...

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You're Not as Unique as You Think You Are!

All I’d need to know to guess one of your end users’ passwords is the name of every person important to them, how frequently they use profanity, their favorite pop culture franchises, any sports teams they like, and their favorite vehicle. Where did I get this information, you ask? It’s a trend I’ve noticed on the list of top 10,000 most easily guessed passwords. More specifically, the top 200...

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A Future Full of Password Fatigue

Here's a simple question: What is Password Fatigue? Well, that's simple - Password Fatigue means that people are just worn out (to the point of actual exhaustion and frustration) from having to manage so many different passwords these days.  The passwords themselves aren’t wearing out or getting tired (how could they, they’re just a bunch of characters). It’s the patience of the user that...

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User Authentication - Building to a Better Future

When you think about user authentication, you most likely think about putting in a username and password into a field on a website - like the login fields you have to fill out each time you want to check the balance of your bank account.  A username and a password are a very common method of user authentication, to the point where some people can recite their (unsurprisingly long) list of...

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Password Fatigue: Will Windows 10 Solve My Login Issues?

When Microsoft announced Windows 10 – they promised something big. Quite possibly one of the largest endeavors that Microsoft has taken on with their operating systems, Windows 10 promised a new level of convenience alongside a universal application structure. They wanted to take the best of Microsoft, and bring it together with a nice little bow. It looks like they have succeeded. However,...

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Dangers of Going All-Digital


We live in an all-digital age today; and what an amazing age it is! With a few clicks of a remote control, or a few taps of our finger, we can start watching old re-runs of the Wonder Years at home or on the train. We can pay monthly bills without risking a nasty paper cut from stuffing a check into an envelope or trudging down to the Post Office to buy more stamps. All of our yearnings for...

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Password Security & Alternatives | Is the Traditional Password Dead!?

When I say traditional passwords, most readers will know exactly what I’m discussing: the typical alphanumeric combination used to secure a login for various systems or programs. This password is generally something easy to remember or access by the user/creator, and may also include special symbols in an effort to bolster the strength against attack. There: in two sentences we’ve had as good...

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