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You're Not as Unique as You Think You Are!

All I’d need to know to guess one of your end users’ passwords is the name of every person important to them, how frequently they use profanity, their favorite pop culture franchises, any sports teams they like, and their favorite vehicle. Where did I get this information, you ask? It’s a trend I’ve noticed on the list of top 10,000 most easily guessed passwords. More specifically, the top 200...

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What to do When You Don't Always Need Two-Factor Authentication


Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is an important topic of discussion where security is of concern. Too many data breaches have occurred over the last 10 years purely because of lackadaisical security requirements. Many of these events would have been avoided with a proper Two-Factor Authentication system in place.  Security: personal, private, corporate – the list goes on and on. Each entry a...

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5 Ways PortalGuard Helps Institutions Implement 2FA

As an IT professional working in higher education, you understand how critical and complex managing campus user identity issues are. As sensitive information begins to be stored both on your campus and in the cloud, you must provide a secure system for all of your stakeholders, including students, parents, faculty, staff, and administration. Relying on simply a name and password is no longer... Continue Reading →

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Empower Up! Single, Consistent User Interface



I have been an avid gamer ever since I could first clutch a game controller in my tiny, peanut butter smeared hands. My initial foray into the world of video games began at an early age when my farther hooked up his old Intellivision game console to a “top of the line” Emerson 13 inch black and white TV. Talk about old school!


Despite the horrendous graphics and lack of color, I was...

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Top 5 Easy to Maintain I.T. Solutions

Who doesn’t like something that is easy to maintain? They say a cactus is easy to maintain, but I have somehow managed kill one of those in my lifetime. As an IT professional, an easy to maintain solution can be a welcome change from the crazy pace of your daily grind. Heck, some days grabbing a cup of coffee can be a challenge. There never seems to be enough time or people to go around, but...

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