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What to do When You Don't Always Need Two-Factor Authentication


Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is an important topic of discussion where security is of concern. Too many data breaches have occurred over the last 10 years purely because of lackadaisical security requirements. Many of these events would have been avoided with a proper Two-Factor Authentication system in place.  Security: personal, private, corporate – the list goes on and on. Each entry a...

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Creating a Strong Password Policy - Complexity, Length, 2FA

Strengthening password policies is a major topic of debate these days.  Various sources for best practices have peaked out from every corner, each spouting something new.  While having options is a great thing in many cases, paralyzing users and admins with which ‘best practice’ is really best is another issue entirely.  Instead, I will take a look at the facts behind strengthening password...

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Addressing Single Sign-On Challenges in the Classroom for Impaired Students

In today’s classrooms, teacher advocates are faced with a unique position of altering their daily schedule to meet the needs and expectations of their students and school districts.  As tablets and Chromebooks are introduced to daily lesson plans, teachers are now faced with the extra responsibility of storing and cataloging student’s usernames and passwords, which impacts valuable educational...

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6 Ways a Security Passphrase is Better Than a Complex Password



Let’s face it, complicated, alphanumeric passwords are one of the worst parts about being online. With the plethora of websites and online applications requiring us to create accounts and passwords, the advice of password security experts is easy to ignore.

As the computing power available for password cracking continues to grow, poor password hygiene has led businesses and organizations...

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Developing BYOD Security Guidelines for Your Institution


Back in 2002 would it have surprised you to know that in only a short amount of time almost everyone would have a cell phone? Let alone a cell phone that would have access to the internet? It sure would have taken me by surprise and that brings us to the reality of today’s world in 2017. Almost everybody has their own smart device, albeit an iPhone, a laptop, a tablet, you name it! This is a...

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Using 2FA in Higher Education Institutions | PortalGuard

Over the past year, there has been an increase in phishing and hacking attacks throughout Higher Education nationwide. Hackers are targeting these higher education institutions for a variety of different reasons. Some of the reasons are access to sensitive data such as date of births, social security numbers, research findings, enrollment status and more. Also, a large amount of IT systems in...

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You Asked We Delivered...v5.6.2.0

PistolStar is committed to keeping PortalGuard up to the standards of the industry and the people who use it. Back in March, we asked our loyal customers what they would like to see upgraded or added to PortalGuard. Straight from our customers feedback we made the following changes. Take a look!

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Top 10 PortalGuard Education Portals


As a former student, PortalGuard is an intriguing product. During my stay at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), there were a few different logins I needed to know for day to day life as a student. One would be for accessing my student account, where class schedules, grades, financial aid, and other necessary information is kept. Another account was needed to access blackboard which...

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Advantages of Using PortalGuard for Educational Institutions


Did you know that PortalGuard for Education,  an all in one authentication package, is the leading solution for the K-12 and Higher Education institutions?

Since PortalGuard for Education came into existence, we have worked with increasingly numerous educational institutions throughout the country seeking solutions for SSO, 2FA, SSPR and Contextual Authentication. Currently, these such...

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