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Strengthen your Account Security with MFA

Most of us use password-based authentication every day, a form of Single-Factor Authentication, which is the process of using personal credentials to securely access a system. Did you know that 54% of consumers use 5 or fewer passwords for every single one of their accounts? This means that if a hacker were to crack one of their passwords, chances are that they've also gained access to...

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Two-Factor Authentication: à la carte

Have you ever been to a restaurant where you really just wanted to order an entrée like steak or chicken parmigiana, and then have the freedom to choose individual sides? Ordering à la carte also applies to Two-Factor Authorization. With various One-Time Password options, you can mix and match your Two- Factor Authentication Solutions for Cyber Security.

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OTP Authentication | An Advantage in Printed OTPs

It seems that just about every other day I read about a new security breach. A new loophole being compromised, resulting in millions of individuals’ personal information being stolen and sold to the highest bidder. Part of the reason that this happens so often is because most individuals don’t bother securing or supplementing their login credentials. OTP Authentication provides an answer to...

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