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Keeping Our Customers Happy with HappyFox

Customer support is pivotal in every vertical for a simple reason: customers keep companies alive.  Existing customers provide feedback, revenue flow, and even referral business for a given company.  This only remains true if customers are happy and cared for throughout the lifetime of the partnership. Elite and dedicated customer support drives customer relationships and enables companies to...

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Get Ahead of The Ball: Three Higher-Ed IT Issues to Tackle for 2020

In the world of technology, things change rapidly. The moment the ball drops to ring in 2020, we will enter a new year of emerging technologies that present an array of opportunities along with myriad challenges. For colleges and universities, the impact is particularly complex and can be difficult to keep up with.

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Dangers of Going All-Digital


We live in an all-digital age today; and what an amazing age it is! With a few clicks of a remote control, or a few taps of our finger, we can start watching old re-runs of the Wonder Years at home or on the train. We can pay monthly bills without risking a nasty paper cut from stuffing a check into an envelope or trudging down to the Post Office to buy more stamps. All of our yearnings for...

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