SAML or CAS SSO - Which Industry Standard Protocol Should You Choose?

Industry standard protocols are the reason that Single Sign-On (SSO) is a popular topic throughout the tech industry.  SSO reduces login prompts for end-users while improving both usability and productivity. Without the use of industry-standard protocols, this entire process would be much more difficult to implement and manage.  However, it can often be difficult to decide which protocol to...

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What's New in PortalGuard Version 6.2?

Here at PortalGuard your security is our main concern. We are always trying new things to keep you secure, but also make your life a little bit easier. In v6.2 we have widened the range of applications you can gain access to through Single Sign-On (SSO). Open Authentication 2.0 (OAuth 2.0) adds yet another way you can safely gain access to applications. OpenID Connect v1.0 (OIDC v1.0) adds the...

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Getting Away from Your Homegrown Environment


From the moment the doors first opened and continuing through today, many organizations and institutions have been creating and developing their IT systems and departments continuously. Through the years, changes in IT range from new technologies to new positions and/or employees. This in turn, makes it very difficult to ensure the entire department is on the same current technical page....

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You Asked We Delivered...v5.6.2.0

PistolStar is committed to keeping PortalGuard up to the standards of the industry and the people who use it. Back in March, we asked our loyal customers what they would like to see upgraded or added to PortalGuard. Straight from our customers feedback we made the following changes. Take a look!

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CAS SSO Support – Banner, Ellucian, and Education


Throughout higher education, few names ring out so spectacularly as Ellucian.  Providing many strong applications for higher education has made Ellucian a major boon to the industry.  However, there is always one low hanging fruit: CAS SSO.  Typically, providing fully integrated SSO to Banner requires the use of the Ellucian Identity Service, or a conglomerate of separate solutions.

That is...

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Office 365 Federation - The Multiple Domain Problem

Office 365 Federation can be a real pain to implement for any organization. Microsoft’s own TechNet website refers to the process as “[seeming] like more trouble than it’s worth”. Office 365 integration becomes even more difficult to manage when multiple domain federation is required, . Historically, Microsoft requires that each domain be federated using specific ‘issuer’ values. With regards...

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SAML Single Logout - What You Need to Know

Enough with the articles about Single Sign-On! Much has been written about it and its undeniable benefits to both usability and security; users log into one, central website and receive unfettered access to a myriad of other web applications without encountering any other logon prompts. What about SAML Single Logout? Afterall, authentication is only the first half of the story.

What about the...

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SAML SLO and More in PortalGuard v5.4 - Feature Roundup

With the digital world constantly evolving, we have to keep moving and evolve right along with it.  Thanks to agile software development, PistolStar, Inc. is proud to announce the release of PortalGuard version 5.4 - which boasts increased security and validation, alongside both new and improved features such as SAML Single Log Out (SAML SLO).  We want to make sure that PortalGuard holds its...

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Canvas LMS - Critical SAML Single Sign-on Update

It’s not every day that a high-grade application suite pushes out an update that could potentially break part of certain existing systems that are already in place. Such has been the case with the popular software suite provided by Instructure: the Canvas LMS. Instructure will be pushing out an update on Saturday, June 4th, 2016 that will change the metadata/ACS URL for SAML SSO.  If...

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Modern Day Alternatives to Security Through Obscurity

Official Photo Credit to The CW Television Network 

According to various radio DJ’s – Yesterday was National Face Your Fears day. Given that it also happens to be National Cyber Security Awareness Month, I got to thinking – what about cyber security actually terrifies me to this day? The answer that I was presented with is equally shocking to me as it is interesting: the ambiguity of secrecy...

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