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What's New in PortalGuard Version 6.2?

Here at PortalGuard your security is our main concern. We are always trying new things to keep you secure, but also make your life a little bit easier. In v6.2 we have widened the range of applications you can gain access to through Single Sign-On (SSO). Open Authentication 2.0 (OAuth 2.0) adds yet another way you can safely gain access to applications. OpenID Connect v1.0 (OIDC v1.0) adds the...

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Benefits of a Strong Authentication Solution | A Call to Arms



Too long had you sought a strong authentication solution to turn the tide of battle against the never-ending onslaught of your enemies. Yet now you rest within your domain; snug and secure behind the layers of defense you have worked tirelessly to place around your sensitive network of users, data, and private information.

Rise brave IT warrior!

Rise and let the world know that you have...

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Contextual Risk Based Authentication | Trust but Verify


That’s a pretty old saying – Trust, but verify. Depending on your age, or your own personal interests; that saying might mean something different to you than it does to somebody else. It has become a staple in any research field, and gets a lot of use in popular media as a way to treat both friends and enemies. The idea is never to be caught with your hand in the cookie jar – never let your...

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Web Based Applications


Does anyone see the pattern here? You are just trying to get through your typical day, but if you’re like me, you’ve realized: there are too many login prompts! You need to access multiple different web based applications in order to perform your job, or even just to navigate your typical web route. Whether an application repeatedly prompts for your password, or you’re constantly jumping...

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Data Protection Best Practices - 3 Easy Steps



Protecting your data is important. Can you imagine living in a house with no locks on the doors or windows? What about leaving your brand new car running unattended while you go in and grab a soda from the corner store? The analogies could go on forever and get much more ridiculous, so I’ll stop while I am ahead! Even though we know how important it is, we still tend to skate around the...

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Who is behind the Keyboard: Contextual Authentication



Have you ever asked yourself this question before? The MTV TV show Catfish asks this question in every single episode. They work with people all over the United States that have fallen in love with someone they have never met in person, or even talked to on the phone before. On the show, the two hosts work together to find the person who is behind the other keyboard in order to play...

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Bluetooth Two Factor Authentication Alternatives | Contextual Authentication

My family bought a new, 2015 Subaru this year. In a market as competitive as automobile sales, car manufacturers are continually looking to one-up each other by adding more technology and integration options. A perfect example was our test drive. As soon as the car started, the in-dashboard “infotainment” system discovered my cell phone via Bluetooth and offered to pair with it. With a single...

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Self Service Account Unlock | Empower UP!




We all have been in a situation where, despite our best efforts, we have brilliantly locked ourselves out of an account. Whether it’s managing your banking, or logging into your account for some late night raiding, we have all joined the masses and stumbled upon this profound rite of passage in this new age of online connectivity. Congratulations, achievement unlocked! (Queue...

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No More Logins! - Reducing multiple login prompts


How many applications is your company using at the moment? Three, four, ten? Chances are it is more than one, and with the vast number of applications available for businesses, there is a likelihood that the number of applications will grow as time goes on. With all of these applications comes login prompts for each application. This can result in many things, including password fatigue,...

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News Flash: Reduce Password Related Service Desk Calls


“Ahhhh!  Why can’t our users remember their darn passwords?!  If I have to change another password I’m gonna lose it!  I didn’t go to college so I could be a password baby-sitter!”


This could very well have been you or one of your helpdesk team members.  Not only is it frustrating for both the end user and IT professionals, but having too many service desk calls related to password...

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