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Prevent Office 365 Phishing Attacks by Adding a Secure Front Door


Office 365 is a must-have software for all industries in today’s world.  The ease of use and value of Office 365 applications are great for users on both the individual and business end. The subscription-based service allows individual users access to Microsoft apps such as Microsoft Office. For businesses Office 365 it offers a bit more. Email and social networking services essential in...

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Office 365, the Cloud, and PortalGuard: Is your Campus Secure?

The Cloud: An invisible place where a plethora of ideas, information, apps, and your life are stored.


With the increase of stored information in the cloud and cloud–based applications like Office 365, it is now imperative that the access security is increased as well! Office 365, the cloud, application logins: how does one protect all that information? The answer lies with a secure identity...

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