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The Perilous Quest to Lockdown the Cookie Jar

Even in 2020, many people are unaware that Google's Chrome browser is actually based on an open source project named Chromium. Chromium is an impressive amalgamation of world-class engineers and developers, a fact which has contributed to its success, which, at nearly a 60% market share, is the most popular web browser in the world.

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Strengthening Authentication to Adapt to Changing Circumstances

Are you worried that your current IT projects are overly complicated, haven’t been tested sufficiently or may impact existing applications in a way that you have not considered?

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How Can a Cloud Provider Securely Access my Active Directory?

More users and companies are running software applications in the cloud than ever before. When even the US Federal government is looking to get into the cloud, it's a clear indication that it has reached wide acceptance. Similarly, Identity as a Service (IDaaS) has been around for years, but how often do admins considering this approach bother to take a deeper dive into the issue of directory...

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What to do When You Don't Always Need Two-Factor Authentication


Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is an important topic of discussion where security is of concern. Too many data breaches have occurred over the last 10 years purely because of lackadaisical security requirements. Many of these events would have been avoided with a proper Two-Factor Authentication system in place.  Security: personal, private, corporate – the list goes on and on. Each entry a...

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Google reCAPTCHA and More in PortalGuard v5.5 Release

PistolStar, Inc. engineers have released a new version of PortalGuard v5.5 that introduces nine new features! With new feature requests from customers as well as growth in the software industry, we are determined to keep PortalGuard an up to date leader in password security management. 

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Tap and Pay - Weaknesses of NFC

In today's society, technology is everywhere. If you thought there couldn't be any more technology that you need to deal with, you would be wrong. In fact, there will probably never be a time when there is not some new innovation that you have to think about in the future. The question that you should always consider, however, is this: should we be using that technology and is it safe and...

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3 Reasons to Adopt Tokenless 2FA


Almost every day, I wake up to some news update about yet another data breach, or who is most at risk of cyber attack today. With even the Healthcare industry being targeted, evidenced in the Anthem healthcare customer data breach and the cost per healthcare record stolen in the 2014 data breach, researching alternate methods on how to better secure confidential data becomes top priority....

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Prevent Social Engineering Attacks | Consider This



Human beings are magnificent creatures. In some ways, you could say we are the most advanced creatures on the planet. Now, I don’t know if I would go so far as that, (I mean, some animals seem to have a far better grasp of architecture than humanity, relative to their brains), but we have definitely done some things worth praising over the last few hundred years. Not the least of which is...

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Bluetooth Two Factor Authentication Alternatives | Contextual Authentication

My family bought a new, 2015 Subaru this year. In a market as competitive as automobile sales, car manufacturers are continually looking to one-up each other by adding more technology and integration options. A perfect example was our test drive. As soon as the car started, the in-dashboard “infotainment” system discovered my cell phone via Bluetooth and offered to pair with it. With a single...

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Website Authentication Best Practices | Single Sign-on and the Human Factor

There is an interesting divide between how we perceive authentication (proving some aspect of one’s identity), in the physical world versus the digital world. Consider all the ways that you prove your identity in the “real world” through the course of a normal day:


  • A key unlocks and starts your car
  • A garage door opener allows access to a garage
  • An ATM requires both a card and PIN code to...
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