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Solving the Problem of SharePoint Account Management

Whether you realize it or not, the chances are relatively high that you have used SharePoint before. Microsoft SharePoint is a popular solution that enables organizations to create websites for various purposes. Capable of being used internally or externally, SharePoint offers a wide array of tools and capabilities for multiple types of situations. Interestingly enough despite this usability,...

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User Provisioning for External Users – Pirates and People

I think that most people would agree that some words are more interesting than others. Some just grab your attention and make you hope that you can use them yourself in future conversations or writings. Provisioning, as in user provisioning, is one of those words for this writer. I’m not sure if it’s the way it rolls off the tongue or simply how good it looks when written down, but today I’d...

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Benefits of Self Service - What's the Point?

I've been plagued by a question recently: what are the benefits of self service that make the concept actually worth the trouble? I mean, why is self service such a big deal, especially in the digital world? Let’s face it; it’s human nature to take the path of least resistance. We, as a society, are forced to juggle millions of tasks that are all deemed top priority with the expectation of...

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Self-Service | The Downside to Do-it-yourself

Self-service exemplifies something that just about everyone believes in one way or another: I can do it on my own.  In our current era of technology and connectivity, things keep getting easier and easier. The notion of simplicity means that tasks which were once difficult have become everyday occurrences that don't warrant so much as a second thought. Whether you want to buy something online...

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Security Questions are not Secure | The Breakdown



We’ve got an entire series of blogs about the importance of empowering and educating your end users about security, and today I’m going to open up a dialogue with a message that is becoming increasingly popular: security questions are not secure. At least, that is the trending belief right now. Honestly, it isn’t that hard to see why. Think about it like this: When it comes right down to...

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