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Ask Christopher: Enable MFA For Password Reset

It is now November 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic is still in full swing. Pandemic culture requires everyone to spend more time at home, affording additional opportunities to take advantage of the myriad benefits found in the digital age. During this particular season, I’m talking about shopping online, of course! The increase in dependency on online activity has also led to an increase in the...

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How One Foundation for Community Colleges Found a Password Management Solution to Fit Their Budget

It's not easy to find a solution that can resolve authentication and cybersecurity challenges for multiple institutions. In a market flooded with companies that promise to deliver a custom-tailored solution, one name should stand out: PortalGuard.

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Making Fiscally Sound Decisions for IT Security in Higher Education

It’s summer, the school year is officially over, but you now have a new budget in play.  Still thinking of making improvements before the next year begins?  Still dreaming of solutions to all those help desk calls?  Making well planned decisions to work within your new budget is a must. A top priority in making smart financial decisions is having the ability to grow with a solution and not...

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Addressing Single Sign-On Challenges in the Classroom for Impaired Students

In today’s classrooms, teacher advocates are faced with a unique position of altering their daily schedule to meet the needs and expectations of their students and school districts.  As tablets and Chromebooks are introduced to daily lesson plans, teachers are now faced with the extra responsibility of storing and cataloging student’s usernames and passwords, which impacts valuable educational...

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Reducing Help Desk Calls and Providing a Tailored Authentication Solution to Educational Institutions

Why Do Schools want PortalGuard? 

When working with clients in education, we’ve heard the challenges they face when attempting to increase security while enhancing the user experience for their students and faculty. What we’ve learned during our engagements with clients is that most educational institutions face the same problems even if they have vastly different IT environments. The nature...

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A Call to Arms: Self-service Password Reset

You are an elite, heroic knight on an epic quest to protect the Kingdom from the perils of the outside world. As people’s protector, your sworn duty is to uphold the peace and provide a safe haven for them to flourish. It matters not the plight of the collective realm, whether they require the basic necessities to live or protection from the hordes of undead, you must not fail.


Not that all...

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