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Keeping Our Customers Happy with HappyFox

Customer support is pivotal in every vertical for a simple reason: customers keep companies alive.  Existing customers provide feedback, revenue flow, and even referral business for a given company.  This only remains true if customers are happy and cared for throughout the lifetime of the partnership. Elite and dedicated customer support drives customer relationships and enables companies to...

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It's a Constant Game of Being Fooled - Do Your Part to Prevent Cybersecurity Breaches

In Healthcare, it’s especially disconcerting when a breach occurs because it’s a dense collection of personal identity data. It is the intruder’s brass ring.  Having your DOB and social security number enables the intruder to gain access to many other doors to penetrate. The Internet is already a treasure trove of personal data which a hacker can use to piece together your detailed identity....

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Federating the Office 365 Default Domain

So, you are looking to federate the Office 365 default domain for one reason or another and - surprise - it's giving you some issues. As is to be expected, many major application or service providers will impose their own restrictions on how they support things like Single Sign-On and federation.  The very same is true when it comes to federating the Office 365 Default Domain.

As you may...

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