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New England School Districts are an Easy Target for Cyber Criminals

Schools are becoming easy targets for cyber criminals, not only in New Hampshire but across the country. Exposing, compromising and exploiting confidential information to make an easy profit or to test their skills. The Cybersecurity incident map, a useful tool created by Doug Levins of EdTech Strategies, LLC., provides an in depth look of past and recent events. (For those who haven’t...

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How One Foundation for Community Colleges Found a Password Management Solution to Fit Their Budget

It's not easy to find a solution that can resolve authentication and cybersecurity challenges for multiple institutions. In a market flooded with companies that promise to deliver a custom-tailored solution, one name should stand out: PortalGuard.

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Custom Office 365 Login Branding - Trust and Consistency

When one hears the phrase Custom Office 365 Login Branding, the first thing to come to mind is likely nothing to do with trust.  However, regardless of your business or industry vertical, trust is a key component to maintaining lasting relationships both inside and outside your organization. With an application as prevalent as Office 365, a certain level of trust is established from the...

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User Centered Design for the Business IT Environment

No matter what industry you’re in, User Centered Design (UCD) is a constant work in progress. Over the last year, I’ve had the opportunity to analyze a dynamic variety of authentication situations and pain points experienced by both IT admins and end-users. Whether it be reducing password related help-desk calls, integration to a corporate directory, or finding an access portal with an...

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User Authentication - Building to a Better Future

When you think about user authentication, you most likely think about putting in a username and password into a field on a website - like the login fields you have to fill out each time you want to check the balance of your bank account.  A username and a password are a very common method of user authentication, to the point where some people can recite their (unsurprisingly long) list of...

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Custom UI and the End User Experience | Balancing the Scale


Have you ever thought about the influence of a custom UI on your end user experience? Web Marketing Group claims that the human brain can process viewing images up to 60,000 times faster than reading text. 60,000 times! If we’re talking the speed limit, 60K times faster than 55 is 3.3 Million MPH. This means that how you see just may be more important than how you read. (And all this time I...

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