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Is ADFS Really Saving You Money?

Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS) from Microsoft is well known for its simplicity and ease of use. Many organizations and schools adopt ADFS for these reasons, only to realize that it does not always play well other applications.

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The Benefits of Two-Factor for Your Offline Desktop

Why Require Two Factor for Windows Logons?

PortalGuard has offered two-factor authentication for Windows workstations and servers as part of its PortalGuard Desktop offering since 2013. As with all multi-factor initiatives, the primary use case is to increase security. As an example, multiple customers have installed the PortalGuard Desktop 2FA on Windows servers in their environment. If a ...

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Password Fatigue: Will Windows 10 Solve My Login Issues?

When Microsoft announced Windows 10 – they promised something big. Quite possibly one of the largest endeavors that Microsoft has taken on with their operating systems, Windows 10 promised a new level of convenience alongside a universal application structure. They wanted to take the best of Microsoft, and bring it together with a nice little bow. It looks like they have succeeded. However,...

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