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BIO-key featured at Microsoft Windows 10 – Twelve City Launch Events

We are thrilled to be featured by Microsoft at their Windows 10 Business Launch nationwide.   The first week of events were an unqualified success, with an overwhelmingly positive response to our beautiful devices and simple vision – strong authentication that is also the easiest way to log into your devices. Here are a few photos from the event in San Francisco.   BIO-key EcoID’s and SideSwipes are a beautiful complement to the Microsoft Windows 10 Launch Device Bar Showcase!

The Apple / IBM Partnership is a Validation of BIO-key’s Vision

The Apple / IBM partnership is a great validation of BIO-key’s vision and ambidextrous device plus cloud approach. Why? Because the Apple-IBM partnership is all about the tighter integration of IBM data analytic services and apps with Apple’s devices, design capabilities, and most importantly, cross-device continuity for business services.   The new Apple Swift development platform seamlessly moves a user between mobile and a desktop or tablet, blurring of the lines between device, thus I can start a task on …

Apple’s Announcement Validates BIO-key’s Mobile Strategy, but Disappoints in Terms of Leadership

With a little time to contemplate Tuesday’s announcement of Apple’s iPhone 5S, featuring a fingerprint scanner as the central new innovation in their flagship device, it is clear that Apple has given BIO-key two wonderful gifts: 1) validation of our patient belief that mobile devices are, in and of themselves, the “killer app” for fingerprint biometrics, and 2) always on, cloud-connected end user touch-points with integrated fingerprint scanners – lots and lots of them! Finally, the world will understand “first hand” fingerprint authentication’s value proposition, thanks to …