Passwords not perfect

This morning, I attended a webinar with over 350 other participants that were all interested in the same topic….”Passwords”.

Possibly because we all agree that each of us has far too many passwords and that our passwords no longer serve the purpose for what they were intended; regardless of what motivated participants to attend, it was an impressive gathering of industry leaders.

“The Password is Dead” was an eye opening webinar attended by those that will help shape the landscape for enterprise and mobile biometric authentication platforms.

Ultimately, the objective is to find a secure and convenient solution that can be standardized and embraced worldwide.

Based on traditional standards of technology one should not be disenchanted with the password.  Its lifecycle has far outlasted that of many computer / web based solutions.  Recent research we conducted, on the initial use of passwords,  points back to their origin in the 1960’s.  Some say MIT gets credit for paving our pathway of security ….so says Scott123.

Today, it seems BIO-key’s not alone in saying that passwords will be replaced by biometric technology and we’ve heard IBM’s VP of Innovation, Bernie Meyerson, echo the same sentiment.

Thus, since we are all in agreement, what is next?

What do you think are the key factors that need to be addressed in order for biometric technology to achieve broad-based utilization?

As game show host Allen Ludden might whisper…….the password is BIO-key.




Passwords not perfect