BIO-key will be attending the Florida Association of Blood Banks annual meeting in Sarasota Florida on June 4th.  Donating blood provides the “Gift of Life”; therefore each blood centers top priority is to promote donor participation.  During times of crisis, blood centers are typically swamped with volunteer donors offering their support.  Yet, it’s during non-crisis times that the centers are challenged maintaining their blood supplies; reminding us that there is always a need to donate.

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BIO-key provides blood centers with fingerprint authentication solutions that eliminate duplicate donor records and expedite the check-in process.  Centers replace Donor ID cards with one touch positive fingerprint ID. With BIO-key True-Donor ID, donors always have their ID with them – ideal for optimizing participation at mobile blood drives.

By migrating to biometric identification and away from donor ID cards, blood centers are reducing the administrative costs related to producing, issuing, replacing and managing cards.  blood donor

In most cases collections are intended to offer support for someone in need of a transfusion.  Therefore it’s vital for the organization to positively identify the donor and their associated medical records.  Delivering a blood transfusion from the “wrong” Mary Smith could prove fatal.

Although there are several benefits to incorporating fingerprint biometric software as part of the donor ID process, identifying and eliminating duplicate donors might be the number one benefit.  It helps keep organizations compliant and more important it saves lives.

We’ll see you in Florida.

Scott Mahnken

VP Marketing