The Apple / IBM partnership is a great validation of BIO-key’s vision and ambidextrous device plus cloud approach.


Because the Apple-IBM partnership is all about the tighter integration of IBM data analytic services and apps with Apple’s devices, design capabilities, and most importantly, cross-device continuity for business services.  

The new Apple Swift development platform seamlessly moves a user between mobile and a desktop or tablet, blurring of the lines between device, thus I can start a task on my mobile and pick up that task in context on my desktop.

This emphasizes the importance of authentication also spanning devices seamlessly, and validates our vision for biometric authentication in the cloud, not limited to inside the device. Only by ensuring that a consistent biometric authentication experience is available across devices can true continuity be assured.

With IBM focusing on security of the set of apps, it makes natural sense for Apple to allow enterprise access to the Touch ID fingerprint scanner through an IBM sanctioned secure biometric platform.

Now, who has an IBM sanctioned biometric cloud platform with bulletproof patent protection on transport of biometrics and interfacing with a trusted element to do so? You guessed it – BIO-key does.

Remember that cloud-capable and cloud-backed biometric authentication does not imply that a device cannot be performing local authentication using FIDO where appropriate, but rather that it can and must do both well. That’s BIO-key’s sweet spot!

Thank you IBM and Apple.