Over 30,000 healthcare providers will gather at the HIMSS 2015 event in Chicago over the next few days.   They will be scouring over the hundreds of products and solutions all promising to deliver some tangible benefit to the provider, patient or organization.  How many companies will be championing the Big Three; workflow, security and compliance?Happy Docs 200

When the federal government decided to mandate the use of electronic health records, they created an entire ecosystem of EMR / EHR service providers.  There’s a juggernaut of small to midsize technology companies that are all scrambling to secure new customers and their portion of market share.

Because of all these moving parts and variables, one can only have compassion for today’s CIO’s.  With compliance regulations looming as a daily threat and new innovations being introduced monthly or even weekly rather than annually, the CIO has to create accountability and evaluation checkpoints.   It’s natural that they focus on compliance regulations, as healthcare is considered a highly regulated industry and the fines for noncompliance are significant; sometimes exceeding $1M for repeat or willful errors. But the organization and staff suffers, if the CIO can’t maintain a pulse on other technologies, such as those simply promising workflow benefits.

pills keyboardThe challenge for CIO’s will be ongoing, as EPCS compliance guidelines become more definitive and as patient ID comes to forefront of the organizations meaningful use roadmap.

A few companies are emerging as leaders because their products and solutions are delivering the Big Three in a cost effective, non disruptive manner.  BIO-key which operates under a partner model wants to take a moment to applaud a few of the companies that are clearly worthy of recognition.

HealthCast and Aventura are providing best in class Single Sign-on and intuitive workflow functionality that’s truly distinguishing them amongst CIO’s.  HealthCast was recently recognized by KLAS as the #1 Rated SSO vendor in the category and Aventura is turning workflow into a science.

Indeed, there’s change on the horizon and its change for the better.  Part of that change will include the increased utilization of biometrics across all phases of healthcare and using more than one modality.  A recent report published by Biometric Update reported that biometrics will represent a 5 billion dollar industry by 2020.

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With healthcare partners that include EMR providers, SSO vendors, Prox Cards & PIN services, BIO-key’s role is to provide secure one-touch instant and convenient identification allowing our customers to authenticate in a compliant, easy to use manner.