Biometric authentication

Biometric fingerprint is your password

A friend of mine shared an article from authored by Richard Steinnon and included the following…

“A frightening trend is observable in the advance of targeted attacks. That is the realization on the part of attackers of the value of credentials; be they username password pairs, strong authentication tokens, or digital certificates.

It is ironic that digital certificates, the basis of the most carefully thought out security paradigm of today, are the most highly sought after, and effectively targeted, digital assets of the day.”

Let’s get to the heart of the matter.  Passwords can no longer be considered a viable layer of security.  The second generation of solutions PINS and tokens upgraded security capabilities; but come with the same vulnerabilities as their predecessor; the password.

The simple solution is using biometric technology.  It’s fast, convenient, secure, compliant and cost effective.

BIO-key has reduced fraud and it’s related consequences for Fortune 100 companies, the federal government and leading healthcare facilities.

IBM and CA Technologies have integrated BIO-key technologies  because we offer the only fully interoperable finger biometric authentication solutions in the world.

Your fingerprint is the best password that will ever be created.  It cannot be duplicated, stolen or shared.  Even identical twins have different fingerprints.  You always have it with you and there’s noting to remember so there’s nothing to forget.

It reminds me of the Mark Twain quote “If you are telling the truth; you don’t need to remember anything”.