In 2012 Apple acquired a fingerprint hardware and software developer for $356M.  Now, there are indications that Samsung is adding fingerprint technology to smartphones.


Because there is an undeniable need to raise the bar on mobile security.  If passwords were sufficient, if cards, PINS or tokens were convenient to use, and if voice biometrics offered a universal solution, Apple would have saved $356M and Samsung engineers would be focusing on some other application other than fingerprints.

It shouldn’t surprise us.   The federal government and law enforcement have been relying on fingerprint as an absolute identifier since day one.

Today your smartphone isn’t just used for calls, texts or taking the occasional picture.   You are accessing and storing privileged information.  Maybe you’re already taking advantage of the mobile banking apps that are offered by most major banking institutions.

As your smartphone becomes your debit card, your passport and the hardware device that manages your home, including locking doors, turning on lights, controlling temperature and viewing each room you are going to DEMAND security at the gate.

So how do we protect the window to our world – our smartphone or tablet?

Things to consider….

Voice biometrics              Do you want others to hear your password?  How will it work on the subway?

Iris                                          Lighting becomes an issue and what about sunglasses and colored contacts?

Facial                                     Lighting is an issue; as is accuracy – if it’s not accurate it’s inconvenient…

Fingerprint                          Secure, convenient and accurate!  Trusted and proven!!

Mobile Authentication

Samsung and Apple understand the behavioral tendencies and preferences of their customers.

Consider your world without traditional passwords.  Imagine never seeing a “Forgot Password” link; requesting that you admit your own personal security breakdown, as you march through the inconvenience of opening your email account – only to start the process of defining a new password.  Heavens knows if you’re like the many that chose a very simple password, so they won’t have to go through this exercise again (EX: Password 123)

Therefore one can see the natural clash that the “password” has as a security solution.  By nature we want our passwords to be convenient, easy to remember, and easy to enter (Password 111).
Passwords often include someone’s name, pet’s name, nickname or birthdate; how hard are these to breach?

Your biometric is exclusive.  Identical twins have separate fingerprints.

And….who cares if someone captures your biometric?  Your face and voice are out there for public consumption.  Your gait is a biometric and it’s openly available to the public.  Your iris is exposed and your fingerprint is on that last bottle of water or cup of coffee.  Who cares?

That’s the REAL differentiator!

Fingerprint biometric technology cannot be compromised.

What does the future hold for smartphones and tablets?

Fast, strong, convenient authentication on any device or fingerprint reader anywhere in the world.

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