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Designing and Implementing a Secure, Fully Brandable Web Portal

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Most portals are designed for their function and only provide the basics when it comes to security, but with the increase in cyberattacks, this is no longer enough. 

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Ask Christopher: Mitigating the Risk of Phishing Attacks with MFA


Hackers are a blight on the digital scenery where we all spend most of our time, and phishing attacks are one of the oldest tricks in the book. Whether it’s at work or home, modern technology has made the digital world all but necessary. In this environment, hackers and malicious users are the banes of each admin and end-user attempting to get things done. Amid the recent pandemic, the leaches...

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Dynamic Passwords - Enforcing Authentication

Stepping Away from the Static

Even in 2021, in a world where authentication is a large part of cybersecurity measures, the password has still become the cornerstone for accessing websites, applications, and other common logins. In the recent Raconteur publication, "Future of Authentication", they report that Username/Password is still a key identity and access management (IAM) service in 73%...

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Getting Support for Your Hybrid Environment from an IDaaS Solution

While there are key benefits to moving to a cloud-based IAM solution, not all of them are created equal when it comes to their support for various applications and environments. Although the great “cloud migration” is underway, your environment is probably like many organizations – a hybrid. A mix of cloud, on-prem and even “legacy” applications are still in use. With many IDaaS solutions solely...

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How Your Cybersecurity Budget May Be Suffering from Your IAM Solution

The pressure to find or update your IAM solutions is at an all-time high. 

But when faced with this pressure, you may be choosing an IAM solution that delivers unexpected costs in overhead and licensing fees.

According to Gartner, Inc., by not looking at alternative or even open-source options you could be missing out on as high as 25% savings in your IAM budget.

When rushing to find an...

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Finding an IAM Solution - Flexibility is the Key

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is not a new concept or one that many organizations don't already have as part of their security strategy. However, with the evolving threats and constant changes brought on by digital transformation, customer expectations, and even an unexpected pandemic, the need to be able to adapt is more critical than ever. 

What happens though when your current...

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Fight Password Fatigue with Single Sign-On Software

Everyone hates passwords, but what most users hate about them is how many they have to remember. In many organizations it has become a requirement to have different complicated passwords for different applications that store valuable and confidential data. So if you have ever just felt overloaded with tons of passwords from work, personal finance, or your Netflix account, you could be suffering...

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4 Best Password Policy Practices for State and Local Government

Brief Note about Password Policies in State and Local Government

Employees and citizens expect their data and identity to be protected through secure, reliable, and advanced technology when it comes to their interactions with their state and local government. As the novel coronavirus shuts down more offices and pushes more employees to work from home, state and local government need to prioritize...

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Searching... County Ransomware: That's Not Good

Counties fall victim to wave of cyberattacks

Ransomware is continuing to be a very pressing issue, and alongside the novel coronavirus, it can spell disaster for many counties. In fact, if you simply do a Google search for "county ransomware", Google will load the latest counties who have fallen victim to the great wave of cyberattacks happening at the state and local level.Unfortunately, many...

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Making a List. Checking it Twice.: Are You in Search of the Right IDaaS Solution?

What You Should Be Searching for in an IDaaS Solution

Finding and implementing an identity access management (IAM) solution that integrates well with your company and its security policies is much easier said than done. There are many solutions to consider and many with significant pros but also cons. If you are starting to look at IAM solutions, it is important to have your requirements...

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