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Kimberly Johnson
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Federal Regulations All Banks and Financial Services Should Know

Banks and financial services have to constantly navigate through a rocky road, especially now more than ever as the novel coronavirus has transitioned many employees to work from home. While banks and financial services remain competitive by providing a digital customer experience, they have to secure their work environment due to federal financial service regulations posed on the industry.Due...

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Compromised VPN Passwords Taking Down Pipelines - Why?

While the topics of multi-factor authentication (MFA), Zero Trust, and other cybersecurity measures are discussed at great length across all industries, are they being implemented? With the recent explosion of ransomware attacks going after our critical infrastructure and disrupting our daily lives, you would think that cybercriminals are getting past all of these security measures using complex...

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Tags: Authentication, #cyberattacks, MFA, Multi-Factor Authentication, Two-Factor Authentication, VPN

BIO-key Named as a Finalist for SC Media 2021 Trust Award

It’s been an exciting 2021 so far as the wheels continue to turn in the identity industry. Most recently, BIO-key was recognized by SC Media in its 2021 Trust Awards as one of the finalists and leading providers of Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions, recognized for the quality, security, and ease of use of our PortalGuard IDaaS platform.

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Tags: Authentication, authentication management, Multi-Factor Authentication, PortalGuard, IAM, IDaaS

Securing PeopleSoft Access – Don't Leave it Out of Your IAM Strategy

Secure access needs to be given to all applications, regardless of the type of application it is and where it is located – on-premises or in the cloud. However, the larger and more critical the application is, the more complicated and challenging it can become to secure access to it.  

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Tags: identity management, User Authentication, IAM, iam strategy

5 Multi-factor Authentication “Must Haves” for a Zero Trust Architecture

While I thought the conversation started 10 years ago, as early as 2004 we’ve been talking about the de-perimeterization of our cybersecurity thinking. Regardless of when the conversation started, there are clear recommendations to move cybersecurity strategies away from the concept of a defined security perimeter, often designated by the corporate network, with everything outside the network...

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Tags: Authentication, MFA, Multi-Factor Authentication

Traditional Multi-factor Authentication Approaches are Failing Us

Even though companies worldwide are struggling to protect systems and data from incessant waves of cyberattacks—there seems to be no end in sightWith the release of the FBI’s Internet Crime Report 2020, it is apparent that cybercriminals took advantage of the impact of the pandemic while many of us were distracted with trying to figure out our “new normal” and the technology we require to...

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Tags: Authentication, best practices, #cybersecurity, MFA, Multi-Factor Authentication, User Authentication, Biometrics, IAM, Web Authentication

How to Secure the Remote Workforce with Multi-factor Authentication

Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic throughout 2020, many businesses were required to have their employees work from home, and even with the vaccine rollout and a small beam of normalcy, many will continue to work remotely. In a recent Gartner CFO survey 74% of CFOs report that they plan to shift some employees to permanently work remotely.

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