PistolStar, Inc.'s PortalGuard Offers State-of-the-Art SSO and Universal Logout Coupled with Cyber-Security Screening

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PortalGuard v.6.0 SSO Proxy centralizes, hosts, and vaults credentials for a better end-user experience


Bedford, NH May 16, 2018

PistolStar, Inc. flagship product PortalGuard version 6.0 has been enhanced with new features and will become available July 2018. For legacy or cloud-based web applications that do not support identity federation, an Authentication Proxy can be employed to enable Single Sign-on. The proxy centralizes, hosts, and vaults credentials creating a better experience for end users. A single sign-on jump page can be used that shows all of a user's apps in one place, or end-users can navigate directly to their desired website and initiate SSO from a dynamically created, fully brandable UI control. The proxy is a server-side solution and does not require browser toolbars or client-side software.

Gregg Browinski, Chief Technology Officer at PistolStar, explained the benefits of this new addition to PortalGuard. “We're excited to release version 6 of PortalGuard which further extends its Single Sign-On options by bringing non-federation capable websites into the fold and takes a big step forward in offering numerous cybersecurity features. PortalGuard continues to maintain a unique, fixed price cost structure that has proven so popular with both large and small organizations around the world. This is a great testament to our company’s dedication and ingenuity in the identity management space.”

The proxy also provides cyber security check notifications of weak commonly hacked passwords, fraudulent URL checking from phishing attacks, notifications of unwanted downloads types, cloud app tracking and reporting and universal single logoff. In addition, Version 6.0 supports QR Code Login and integrates with Duo Security’s Duo Push Two-Factor Authentication technology.

For further information regarding other features and updates in PortalGuard v.6.0, or to upgrade your current version contact PistolStar, Inc. today.

About PistolStar, Inc.

PistolStar, Inc. is a leading authority on secure portal architecture. Its solutions are built to adapt to changing circumstances offered by our tailored authentication services. Its flagship product, PortalGuard, is a secure, central integration portal software that is suited to fit both on-premises and cloud-based environments. From secure single sign-on and self-service password reset to seamless integration and brandability, PortalGuard has brought phenomenal growth to PistolStar, Inc. This growth is also attributed to the team’s dedicated and responsive customer support. For over 18 years, PistolStar has provided its solutions to both companies and educational institutions.

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